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Multiple Fears
"I have overcome phobias that I had for years! I'm no longer on medication..."
Listen to Linda's story:

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(8 min 17 sec.)

Fear of The Dark
Watch a 3-minute before and after interview
with 10-year old Nic Graner


Note: I worked with Nic in person using the same method that you will learn in the the online program. And even though the method -is- simple enough for a 10-year old to use, the online streaming program is designed for adults. If you have a child with a fear, please call or email first before ordering the program, and we'll give you specific tips on how to modify the current program to work with children's fears, phobias, and anxieties.

Fear of Flying
“I was so scared of flying I used take 5 Benedryls to calm my nerves before boarding.  After using the Freedom From Phobias method one time I was on an airplane laughing - without any pills.  Thank you John.” 
- Jimmy C.

NOTE: Six months later Jimmy had the opportunity to take a flying lesson from one of his clients who owned a Cessna. Not only did he not experience any problems, he actually flew the plane for a while!

Fear of Driving At Night
“For 11 years I couldn't drive at all after dusk. During the day I would get stressed out worrying that I might have to drive at night. The physical stress got to be so bad I had to go to the doctor. I met John at a seminar and learned about this method. After using this technique one time - in less than 1 hour - I got into my car and drove at night and there was no more phobia.” Tammy S. – Bakersfield, California

NOTE: In a follow up phone call with Tammy 18 months later, when asked how it was going with the driving phobia she said "I haven't even thought about it."

Fear of Public Speaking
"I wasn't freaking out and my heart wasn't racing..."
- Tony E.

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(49 sec.)

Test Anxiety
“As a college cheerleader, I have no problem performing in front of 80,000 fans at a football game. However, when it was time to take a test, panic would set in. I had to skip all classes the day before and the day of the test. The worst part is that 20 minutes before the test I would get irritable bowel syndrome. After using the Freedom From Phobias method I was completely at ease. I passed my next test with flying colors, and had absolutely no IBS. You guys are Awesome!!” - Lynette M.

Fear of Height / Driving on Overpasses
“I was afraid of driving on any freeway overpass. I was scared because they were just too high. I tried to reason with myself and talk myself out of the phobia, but that didn't help. This was a huge problem because my job required me to drive to different cities every week, and I was wasting a lot of time every day avoiding the overpasses. After using John's program I spent the next hour and a half driving over every freeway flyover in Austin - without any fear!” - Donna H.

Fear of the Sight of Blood
"Since childhoold I had a phobia of blood and needles."

- Whitley S.

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(3 min 35 sec.)

NOTE: In a follow up conversation with Whitley 22 months after using the program, he reported that he has had no problems with his former phobias.

Fear of Dogs
“I was attacked by a dog years ago.  Seeing a dog or even thinking about dogs brought up feelings of fear. After listening to the CD I felt neutral about the whole subject.  A few weeks later I was taking a walk and a pit bull -which wasn't on a leash - ran up to me and walked around me and I was completely free from the panic and fear."
- Dan

Social Phobia
NOTE: Jane, a 45 year old female,
ordered the program on Sept. 22. Here are parts of the emails I received from her over the next several weeks.

September 24
"Hello John,

Thanks for your speedy reply. The early signs are definitely promising!

I listened to your program just once, and yesterday I went shopping and felt almost free from the anxious symptoms I have had for as long as I can remember.....
(I have had social phobia since I was a child, and I am now in my mid-forties!!!!)

Last night I listened to just the first part again - tracks three and four.

Then today I had to take my daughter to a birthday party which I would normally have dreaded going to and WAS going to avoid but, with your help I felt able to give it a go. I told myself we could always "leave."

We went and I talked to people, coped with "difficult" situations with my daughter (who is also a very shy 2 year old) and I didn't even have a drink to help me (normally I would have had one drink before going!!!) I am so thrilled with myself today. I kept looking in the mirror (expecting to see the usual, stressed, frowning, terrified face looking back at me) and I looked happy and calm - incredible. I was not the most confident, extroverted person in the world at the party but I was a WHOLE lot better than I have been for AGES.

The other thing I am thrilled about is that I am able to respond better to my daughter when we are out - before I was too inhibited to cope with her properly. It's hard to explain everything to you in a quick email but I will write more when I can (that is if I'm not too busy out enjoying myself!!!)"

October 15
I no longer have the "anxious, racy, trying to think double quick to find something to say or do" feeling I used to have to get me out of challenging situations.

October 22
Hi John Hope you are well. My life continues to get better and better. I feel so much more confident (or should that be less self-conscious - glass half empty, half full...) I will always be eternally grateful to you.

October 28
By the way, on a personal level, I have found another unexpected bonus from doing your program - I can dance better! My daughter loves nothing more than for someone to put a CD on and bop around the living room with her for hours! I always thought of myself as someone with a reasonable amount of natural rhythm (?!) but I had become more self-conscious and inhibited over the years I guess. Now, there is no stopping me and I enjoy to boogie on down with the best of them in fact now it is my daughter who is begging to stop and sit down, not me...

- Jane R.
United Kingdom

NOTE: Social phobia is a is different from specific phobias such as fear of snakes or spiders. While some people with social phobia can experience immediate relief, it may require more time and persistence to see results.