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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?
After being online since 2004, 88% of the people who have used the program have acheived the results they were looking for. That said, you won't know if it will work for you until you use the program for yourself. That's why there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't experience the results you want, just send me an email, and I'll give you a full refund.

How does this process work?
There are two theories behind the methods of the program. First, from an Eastern perspective, if you've heard of acupuncture, you are probably familiar with the idea of energy running through the body. If energy running through your body sounds too "woo-woo" for you, just think of your Central Nervous System (CNS) instead. From a Western perspective, physical pathways are created in the brain for every experience that we have, and every part of our physical body, as well everything we think and imagine, can access those pathways.

The program shows you - in a very simple, easy-to-understand way - how to get the body's energy (CNS) flowing in regard to this fear, and how to close down the old neural pathway of fear and open up a new pathway of peace and freedom. Click on the "About The Program" link on the left for more details.

How is this different from ________?
There are many different approaches and techniques available to help people eliminate fears and phobias, from traditional psychotherapy to alternative methods.

It would be impossible in a short paragraph to compare our method to all of these approaches. In a nutshell, however, here is what I can tell you:

First and foremost this method will help you produce the result, the result will be long lasting or permenant - and it's guaranteed!

Regarding therapy, I believe in the value of therapy with a skilled therapist. And my observation has been that while therapy can help people learn valuable insights and life skills, it is not a very effective way of eliminating phobias or fears about specific situations. Don't take my word for it - ask your therapist if he or she will give you a money back guarantee on their work with phobias and see what happens.

Second, using this approach is pleasant and enjoyable and does does not create any kind of discomfort or fear while you are going through it.

Third, this approach takes only an hour for most people (see the question "Does it really only take one hour?" for more details).

Finally, let me say that some people will spend a lot of time and energy comparing different techniques, all the while avoiding taking the action that will let you get rid of the fear once and for all. I encourage people to do research - that's being an intelligent consumer. However, don't let it turn into an excuse!

What is your interest in phobias?
Warning - some people might consider this to be a bit gross. I've attempted to be descriptive, but not too descriptive, so you can understand where I'm coming from. If you're squeemish about body functions, skip the next paragraph.

When I was in the first grade, I had a pretty bad case of diarrhea come on while I was at school. I tried to hold it, but by the time I asked to go to the bathroom, there was already a mess. The teacher sent me to the bathroom, which was directly off the classroom. A couple of times she came to the door, knocked, and asked if I needed help. I felt utterly embarassed that this teacher knocked on the door and asked me if I needed help with something that was to me a very private matter. She was a teacher, not my mother!

When I finally got everything cleaned up as best as I could and returned to the classroom, every one of my classmates was turned around in their desk watching me. I remember feeling embarassed and horrified that everyone knew I was having a problem that seemed so private and personal. From that point forward, pretty much through college, I had an intense phobia of using any public bathroom for defecating. This caused quite a bit of physical discomfort through the years, because I was trying to hold onto something that was ready to leave. It also created fairly bad constipation. I overcame my phobia gradually over the years by attending a lot of personal development seminars. I wish I had known about the method that this program uses, it could have saved me a lot of embarassment and physica pain.

A special note about Social Phobias / Social Anxiety
Social phobias and social anxiety can have a variety of different aspects contributing to the symptoms that people experience. What this means is that one listen of the program is not likely to resolve your symptoms - it is possible, just not probable.

Releasing social phobias/anxiety usually takes more exploration and perseverance on the part of the listener to discover all of the factors that are involved. And this could take some detective work and persistence - which I am happy to help with.

I've tried everything - and nothing worked. What makes you think this will help me?
You've tried everything? Not until you've tried this method! Seriously, I have no way to predict the future. All I can tell you is my observation of the results in the past.

Every person with only one exception I have personally worked with experienced observable behavioral changes in regard to the object or situation about which they used to have fear.

For the audio program, we currently have an 88% success rate. Of the people who did not experience results, most of them never responded to my emails offering the extra (free) help, so I have no idea how they were using the program or what they were using it for. One person was trying to use it to eliminate food allergies....which it is not designed to do anyway.

Based on that, I can say with a good amount of confidence that it is highly probable that the program will work for you. And in the very remote chance that it does not work, I'm willing to help you for FREE to get it to work. If it still doesn't work after that, you get your money back. It can't be any more fair than that.

I have also found people who believe that somehow their fear or phobia is unique. They have wasted a lot of time and money in the past trying methods and techniques that did not work. And because of that they have been resigned to being stuck with the fear, and have become jaded about trying anything new.

I can appreciate that and I have tremendous compassion for those people. However, some folks have more energy invested in keeping their fear than they do in the possibility of living without it.

And that's perfectly ok.

My job here is not to convince or try to sell people something they are not ready for or willing to try. You have to make the decision to use the program on your own. Once you make that decision you have my full support.

Is it difficult to do?
No. The online audio will guide you through every step of the process. It also comes with an instruction booklet which has pictures to help you. The instructions and pictures are viewable in a regular web browser. There are also two bonus documents (pdf files) that you can download to help you.

Do I have to re-experience the fear?
No. Some methods will expose you to the fearful stimulus to "desensitize" you. In my opinion this is causing needless trauma. While this method can "numb you out" to the fear, it is not addressing the real cause of the fear.

The process on the Freedom From Phobias Program gets to the root source - the blockage of energy (CNS), and the neural pathways in the brain. Once you take care of those two aspects, all of the symptoms will disappear.

Does the Freedom From Phobias Program work with any fear or phobia?
This method will work with any specific fear or phobia. A specific fear is one that is triggered by an object or situation that you can identify and experience with your 5 senses.

For example, snakes are a very specific object. Bridges are in a specific place. Talking in front of other students in a classroom is a specific situation.

This process does not work well with generalized or abstract fears. A general fear would be "fear of success," or "fear of failure." However, if you can break down the general fear into specific items, then it will work very well.

For example "fear of failure" could really be a fear of being embarrassed, judged or made fun of by other people. And that could be further distinguished as the fear of being judged by your father. The more specific you can be, the better.

Many people get anticipatory anxiety, which is feeling fear before doing something. The program can help that as well.

Does it really only take one hour?
Well, technically the program is 62 minutes and 19 seconds long. Part of that is the introduction and background. The actual process itself takes less than 45 minutes. For about 75% of the people who use the program, it will only take one time through - about an hour - to completely let go of the fear.

The other 25% have various aspects of a fear that will need to be addressed individually with another session. In which case you may need to listen to track 4, and apply the techniques there several times. Track 4 is about 12 minutes long, but once you learn the process, it only takes about 2 minutes, and it may require a few additional rounds.

For example, fear of flying might start when you get on the airplane. You could handle that with the program in one hour, and you might go on several flights and be totally fine. Then a few flights later there may be some turbulence that brings up some fear. You would simply use the process again to address the turbulence.

Do the results really last?
Yes. Again, for the majority of people, after one time of using the program they are completely free from the fear. I heard from a client 2 years after she used the process, and she had not even thought about the situation that used to cause her fear. Another client used the method one time to get rid of a flying phobia and 8 months later his wife told me he actually got to fly an airplane!

What if I have questions?
You can contact me personally via e-mail or phone, and I will be happy to help you. Click the "Buy Now" button on the left to view my contact information.

This number goes directly to me, you will not get a staff member or operator. If you leave a message, be sure to include your phone number with the area code

Is this process therapy?
No. I am a peak performance consultant. The right kind of therapy with the right therapist can be immensely beneficial.

This program is not therapy, and is not a substitute for therapy. It is simply designed to help you achieve a specific result from a peak performance perspective.

If this process really works, then why do you have that disclaimer at the beginning of the audio?
The disclaimer is there to keep the attorneys happy. If my clients are not happy, I will either work with them until they are, or give them a refund. It's as simple as that.

I don't want to use the program online. Do you work with people in person?
Yes. I do see a limited number of people in person. The fee is $300 per session, and each session takes between 60 - 90 minutes.

Is it more effective to work with you in person or to listen online?
There is essentially no difference in the method that I use in person than what you will experience in the online program. They both produce the same bottom-line result. Statistically I have better results with people in person. However, it's really up to you.