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The program will guide you through 4 simple, easy steps to help you let go of your fear. Your time will not be wasted with long explanations or theories about how or why this process works. The people I work with are interested in results - not theories. The bottom line is that you will experience peace and freedom from the fear - guaranteed!

After reading the descriptions below, you might think "That sounds too easy" or "How could that help with anything?" I can appreciate that you may have have some doubts or skepticism. That's being smart. Taking the action that gets you the result is smarter still. We wanted to make the program simple enough so that a 10-year old could use it to release a phobia. That's why the program is so simple and easy. Some of the best, most effetive solutions look so easy you might think "It couldn't possibly work!"

Step 1
Rate the level of your fear on a scale of 0 - 10. This helps establish how strong your fear or reaction is, so you can know the amount of progress that you will make with each step of the way.

Step 2
Every thought and memory you have, has a specific physical pathway in the brain along which chemicals and electrical impulses flow. These pathways are similar to roads and highways. The nervous system is an extension of the brain, and also has electrical impluses, or energy, contstantly flowing through it.

Each fear or phobia has specific ways in which they detour the natural flow of energy in the body, just like a detour in traffic. You feel this energy as emotions such as anxiety or nervousness, or as physical symptoms such as rapid heart beat or shortness or breath.This energy, and how it flows through the body, can be changed by touching certain points on the body.

Track 3 and 4 of this program will show you how to touch the 15 specific points that will remove the detour so that the energetic traffic can once again flow normally.

Step 3
In step two, we talked about how each memory and thought has a specific pathway in the brain. These thoughts and memories are like movies. Any intense feeling of fear has a specific movie that goes along with it. Track 5 of the CD will help you stop playing the scary movie. Track 6 puts you in the director's seat. You get to write and create a new and better movie that allows you to experience the positive responses that you want - just like watching a feel-good movie!

Step 4
Rate, how low your level of fear has dropped on a scale of 0 - 10. Some people might feel it's a one. However, most people (80%) are delighted to find that it's zero!

Explore and enjoy your new found freedom.

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